NOTE: We started this campaign in 4e but recently switched to Pathfinder, using much of the 4e game world.

An ancient rod was crafted by an unknown primordial power which has the ability to rend the very fabric of time and reality itself. Long ago, a powerful wizard named Morlak obtained possession of the rod and used it’s power to reign over the many realms of Faerun. Morlak begun this rule with a gentle and pure heart and there was peace for 500 years. Over time the rod corrupted him, however. It compelled him further and further, little by little to a cold, dark, evil and calculating tyrant.

Morlak’s terrible reign lasted nearly 2000 years when a small but powerful group of archmages, angels, and even a number of demons banded together against Morlak. Morlak used the rod to create a rift in time and space, vowing to battle these foes for eternity until they were destroyed and cast into the darkest void of the Realm of Chaos. The battle carried on for centuries inside this rift and many races of the various planes of existence joined in on both sides. Millions lost their lives or were cast to the darkest reaches of the many planes. Only when Tiamat, the evil goddess of chromatic dragons, and her great foe, Bahamut the good and lawful god of metallic dragons, joined forces in the battle against Morlak was the battle won. Tiamat and Bahamut brought the entire population of dragons from the many realms and launched a final assault against Morlak and his forces. Morlak’s soul was rended to pieces and his existence was wiped from reality using the very rod that had brought him his power.

Tiamat and Bahamut, along with the demon king Asmodeus tried to destroy the rod but were unable and the resulting explosion from the rod itself knocked Tiamat and Asmodeus into a deep slumber that lasted 100 years. In the explosion, the rod was broken into seven parts. Bahamut, nearly drained of power, gathered these pieces and passed them to the material plane, scattering them throughout the realm.

Over the millennia adventurers, madmen, demons and angels have sought these pieces in an attempt to either protect the world from them or to use the power within them for their own gain. Even now, a dark and sinister force has been gathering the pieces of this rod, seeking out the places that they lie and leaving a wake of carnage behind. A small and evolving band of adventurers managed to collect many of the pieces but one of their group, a Tiefling Bard named Amnon, was stolen into the Nine Hells… unfortunately, he had the 5 pieces the party had collected with him.

The Rod of Morlak

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