The Rod of Morlak

The Bleak Carnival

After continuing their travels through The King’s Highway, the party was stricken with a series of dreams, or rather nightmares, regarding the surface world. After a brief discussion of their dreams, the party continues on to Malbrathyr. Upon gaining entrance to the city, the party began searching for information on where they can find Ana’Shrinarrean, a priestess of Llolth.

Shortly after arriving, they are approached by a small, gruff man in tattered clothing in an alleyway. He informs the party that the priestess they seek is now Matron Mother of the entire city of Malbrathyr and also promises to get them an audience with her if the party helps to save some tanuki slaves being sold at auction in the 4th tier of the city the next morning. The party agrees and takes a few small containers of ale which are to be somehow slipped to the creatures before the auction.

The party manages to get the ale to the creatures while still in their prison cells and turns in for the night. the next morning, at the auction, they see the creatures being brought out for sale when they begin to drink their ale and then are imbued with great strength and various magic abilities. The auction area falls into chaos and the Drow guards fight to maintain control. Just when the party starts to think this was a bad idea, the group is surrounded by a group of drow guards, next to one of them is the gruff man in tattered clothing pointing at them, “They are the ones responsible for this!” As the party is arrested, he smirks and walks away, turning into a tanuki, as well before disappearing into the crowd.

The party isn’t imprisoned for long because Ana’Shrinarrean is quite upset at the party’s antics disruption of The Bleak Carnival. After brief negotiations, she decides that the party is to be killed by her Driders and sacrificed to Llolth. After the fight begins, the altar in the room erupts and 2 Yochlols, demons serving Llolth come out and then Llolth herself arises. She hints that Torog is responsible, in some part, for the White Woman and her plans to merge the planes using The Rod of Morlak. She offers the party a task, to obtain the Silver Shard from a crypt near the Demonweb Pits that she is unable obtain herself, though she gives no details why.

Additionally, she expresses her anger and disgust at Exen for abandoning his worship of her and mocks The Raven Queen, Exen’s new deity. She strikes Exen with a disease that promises a slow and painful transition into a drider and offers to remove the curse if he will simply abandon his faith in The Raven Queen and pledge himself to Llolth. Exen decides against it and stays true to The Raven Queen, angering Llolth in the process before she returns to her domain.

Where can the party find information on how to get to this mysterious crypt? Can Exen be cured of this horrible magical disease? It’s up to the party to decide where to go from here.

The King's Highway

The Company of the Fallen Beam, feeling refreshed and like new, woke up from their rest in the Svirfneblin city and set out on their quest, choosing the insanity-inducing King’s Highway as a shorter route to Malbrathyr and the Bleak Carnival.

Along the way, the party came across a Naga who, upon being confronted, told the party that death awaited them in Malbrathyr and to avoid going there. Unshaken, the party ventured forth, discovering a small cave leading to the entrance to a mysterious shrine. In an unusual display of parleying and diplomacy from Exen, he befriended the two Drow guarding it and was granted entry to the shrine.

Inside the Shrine, Exen heard the sounds of something big breathing and found a large hoard of treasure. Deciding not to interfere, Exen quickly fled the shrine, turned the Drow guards against each other, and awakened a green dragon. The dragon, being unable to follow the party out of the small cave entrance, slunk back into the shrine but not before an attempt to kill the intruders.

Finally, the party happened across a basilisk hunting on the King’s highway just in time to see it turn the aforementioned Naga to stone. The party quickly dispatched the beast, drained it’s blood, and saved the Naga. Just when all was calming down, Novastryx, the green dragon from the shrine, burst through the ceiling of the cavern and attempted to destroy the party. Again, the party quickly dispatched the beast and all was well again. After looting the dragon’s treasure hoard, Exen took it upon himself to raise the basilisk from the dead to follow him through the Underdark.

What awaits the party in Malbrathyr? Are they headed for their doom as the Naga forewarned? Will Exen make friends with everything and take a vow of peace? Will Suric ever actually hit anything? The next session will tell…


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