Miriana (Miri) - Half-Elf Cleric

Elven Paladin


Father: Human – deceased
Mother: Elven – deceased

Only child of lovers who were struck down by father’s clan (driven by hate and racism) at age 3. The elderly maid in the household snuck Miri away to a nearby temple when the fight broke out. Miri was raised by the community of believers and felt so strongly the need to repay these people for their love that she was inducted to Boldrei’s knighthood. Miri was so devoted to her studies that she never married as is the usual custom of Bolderi’s followers.

As Miri grew older, she discovered in herself a need to understand her past and learn about her parents and lineage. Communication with her father’s clan was obviously unwise, so Miri set out to visit her mother’s clan. It was with a heavy heart that Miri left the safe boundaries of her home and sought the elves. Tragically, Miri’s mother’s village had been destroyed by fire and its inhabitants had moved on to an unknown location. Miri resolved to search it out, but was detained at the Telem Fortress in the Plains of Uruk. The Exodus Company was on the prowl for slave labor and Miri with her strong back and pretty face was exactly what they looked for. Miri put up a strong fight against her captors, but in the end was no match for them alone.

Disheartened and locked in a 5 by 6 cell, Miri prayed to Boldrei for deliverance while her faith waivered, not for the first time in her life. But, delivered she was, by an unlikely band of odd men who went by the name The Company of the Fallen Beam. Miri was bewildered by the group, but accepted their rescue as a sign from Boldrei that this was to be her new direction – a new path to follow that may inadvertently help her find the answers she seeks about her family.

Miri continues with The Company of the Fallen Beam and has come to see them as a family of sorts. Bonded to her rescuers, Miri would do anything to defend them and has occasionally even bent her own rules to help them with their quests.

Boldrei is the lawful good deity of community. She is the wife of Aureon. Her domains are Community, Good, Law and Protection, and her favored weapon is the spear.

What would you die for?

Defending the Company

What will you always fight for/against?

Fight against racism
Social justice, especially where children are concerned

Greatest fear?

How do others see you?


Miriana (Miri) - Half-Elf Cleric

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