(X) Suric - Human Monk

Human Monk


Blinded by the mysterious woman’s shadow blade. Whether there is any magical side-effects of this is unknown at this point. He wears a fraying, black cloth over his eyes. His head is shaved bald and he wears a desert cloak around him.

As is customary for monks of the Plains of Uruk, Suric will often pray several times a day and will tie a knot in the cord around his waist for each prayer.
Suric tends to carry a lot of guilt for things that have happened to those he cares for.

Would die for
Friends and Allies

Will always fight for/against
Injustice regarding poverty, the privileged few, or classism.
Abuse of power

Defining Characteristics


He grew up on the streets of Gheldaneth in High Imaskar with his younger sister Pepulu and eventually Talmund, who acted as an older brother to him. Suric and Pepulu are decendants of the Mulan people from long ago who had been taken as the Imaskari’s slaves before the Mulan had overthrown the Imaskar Empire with the help of their gods. Most of the Imaskari had fled to the Deep Imaskar in the Underdark. Unfortunately, most of the Mulan died in the Spellplague while the rest fled to Chessenta. A few managed to scrape by in the area until the Imaskari reemerged from the Deep Imaskar to reclaim their land. The Imaskari allowed the Mulan to live among them but prejudice remained for their former slaves. Even after hundreds of years this animosity has never really subsided against the Mulan people and as such, most Mulan descendants live in poverty or as indentured servants.

Gheldaneth was once known for its incredible economic growth but in the last few centuries it has become corrupt and the poor are many. Several areas of the city are well-known for their seedy nature and dangerous back alleys but Suric and his sister managed to get by and even more surprising, they didn’t become like the evils around them. This was mostly due to their meeting with Talmund and his early upbringing at the monastery, before his father, Abasa, disappeared and Talmund ran away, eventually arriving in Gheldaneth where he met Suric.

Suric has always been strong-willed and stubborn and even more so when people he is loyal to are in need. This recklessness has gotten him into trouble more often than not. He only became worse when they were in need of food and he convinced Pepulu to help him steal some from an Imaskari official’s residence. During the theft there was an accident and Pepulu fell to her death from the roof into the densely packed alley below. This event has affected Suric to his core and he’s become more reckless since because he feels if he can only act quicker less harm would befall others.

Suric and Talmund, barely teenagers, had managed to stay relatively safe for a few years after Pepulu’s death until they were badly beaten by a crazed man who had discovered their hidden “safe-house” in the crowded lower city of Gheldaneth. The man was mad and rambling and then began beating them mercilessly. The maniac fled when a monk fought him off. This monk turned out to be the sage at the monastery. He brought them back with him and they trained as monks ever since.

As much as he respects Talmund, he also feels a need to prove himself to him. One time, while they were still in Gheldaneth they had had another bad run of luck and were unable to get food for a few days. Suric noticed a poster exclaiming a bounty had been placed on a wispy haired drow for murder. Suric tried to convince Talmund that they should go after the Drow to earn the bounty, but Talmund refused. Suric went ahead and tracked the drow down anyway, following him into a sandstorm. Talmund went looking for him, but Suric was gone for nearly three days in the desert. The night of the third day, Suric, bruised and bleeding, showed up dragging an unconscious Drow behind him. Unfortunately, upon trying to claim the bounty, Suric discovered he had captured the wrong Drow. If Talmund had not persuaded the city guard, Suric surely would have been imprisoned.

Currently, Suric feels he is to blame for the sage’s death. Also, despite being proven innocent of stealing the key of blades, he still feels shame for being temporarily banished from the monastery by Talmund. He seeks revenge against the mysterious woman for killing the sage and redemption in the eyes of Talmund. Suric feels an inner-turmoil, however, because the hateful vengeance he desires opposes the calm-minded, monk training he was taught. Suric also still feels responsible for Pepulu’s death.

(X) Suric - Human Monk

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